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Georgie James on NPR Project Song [Dec. 27th, 2007|01:08 pm]
Know Art: Sharing the work of Artists


I was looking through the free video podcasts on iTunes one day and came across an NPR music podcast. They have a show called 'Project Song'. The first episode I have watched just really impressed me. The idea is that they select a musical group or band or artist and they provide them with a series of phrases and pictures. They have to pick one of each and write and record a song in two days based on them. The group in this episode was 'Georgie James' whom I just really loved and may try to interview at a later date for Studioloo Magazine (coming Jan 2008 - will announce more later). Anyhow, the creative process is fantastic. I really suggest you check this out.

The phrase they selected was 'Something Joyful' and the picture was this old pile of books in the middle of a room.

You can see the videos here - I suggest watching the whole 'Two days in the Studio with Georgie James' video but if you are short on time - check out their finished song video. It's really lovely.


[User Picture]From: onfruitstreet
2007-12-28 08:24 am (UTC)
That was fun to listen to. I love that photo. I'd like a big print of it for my wall.
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